Debut collection << Unbound>>

-Shenzhen fashion week 15/March/2019

Founder of Chinese Original Luxury Footwear Brand

Founder of  KING PING-first Chinese made to measure women's Footwear Brand

Founder of MUXI- Chinese Luxury Brand

Senior Judge of the National Fashion Design Competition

Judge of the Original Design Competition and Fashion International Elite Model Competition

Judge of " Leather Loge" China Footwear Design Competition

Judge of China Leather Innovative Design Competition

Vice-president of the Guangdong Provincial Federation


Wang found KING PING couture footwear under his company Guangzhou Zhe Mu Xi Apparel Co. Ltd since 2011.

Wang has deeply cultivated in the footwear industry for almost 2 decades. Wang has been designing and creating between Europe and China for a long time, he has in-depth research on design, art, mechanics, ergonomics and shoe-making technology.